Families will bid farewell to their loved ones from a dock at the southern banks of the Dead Sea. From there, the dead, accompanied by a few mourners, will be transported to Yarauvi by boat. The boat enters the necropolis at its base and travels through a ceremonial unicursal labyrinth that leads to the center point of the necropolis, where the dead are lifted to the space above. The accompanying mourners will also enter the necropolis this one time, during the interment of their loved ones.
The Dead Sea Necropolis of the Future | The Order of the Good Death
This is really interesting. And intense. I think I’d just like to read about it in a book.

Arianna Rebolini doesn’t care if you like it. “Don’t tell us we don’t know we’re beautiful,” she concludes. “And certainly don’t tell us that our ignorance to this fact is our best quality. We’re good.”

Jeff Koons and David Byrne, just having a chat.

(via This Woman Has Been Confronting Her Catcallers — And Secretly Filming Their Reactions)
I am curious about whether or not my new (more public) commute will be safer because there will be more women on the street.